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Integrated Case Conference

Classroom sessions in which: 1. Students discuss their initial formulation of a case; 2. Experts representing diverse clinical perspectives (often neurobiological, psychological, and social) each comment briefly (~5-10’) on the material; 3. The group then discusses how to bring these data together to create an integrated formulation.

Neuroscience in the Media

Classroom sessions following the format of: 1. Review media content as a group (e.g. from a recent newspaper article, blog, podcast, or tv show); 2. Appraise media content together (What is the central argument? What biases are present? What do we imagine a patient or family member might ask if they saw this? What’s the face validity of the claims?); 3. Identify, Access, and Appraise scientific literature that answers the questions above; 4. Role play how to discuss this media content with a patient or family member.

Neuroscience Lab

Classroom sessions that are each designed around an experiential learning exercise that will recapitulate for students a core concept in neuroscience (e.g. to teach about the concept of Reward Prediction Error, students participate in a taste experiment that is designed to generate positive and negative prediction errors)

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