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OUD Vignette

OUD Assessment is a formative assessment on Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in the formate of TableReview.

Question Description

Case Vignette
You’re rotating on a service treating a patient with chronic pain and opioid use disorder. The medical team members are frustrated with the patient and frequently comment that the patient is “making bad choices” and “manipulating” the team by exaggerating his reports of pain.
How would you want to respond to the medical team? What would be the key components of your treatment plan?
Rubric Criteria
  • Criterion 1: Addresses unprofessional behavior of the medical team.
  • Criterion 2: Addresses implicit dualism and acknowledges that OUD is a disease affecting both brain and behavior.
  • Criterion 3: Addresses complex neurobiology of pain, including shifts in pain thresholds with chronic opioid use.
  • Criterion 4: Treatment plan includes medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD), which are shown to save lives.
  • Criterion 5: Treatment plan addresses chronic pain using evidence-based approaches (eg, with non-opioid medications or with CBT).

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