NPiP Session 1-On your own

On your own

This is a brief blog post written in 2012 by then Director of the NIMH, Tom Insel.

This is a JAMA Viewpoint written in 2014 that captured the founding mission of the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative.

This is a 23-minute episode that offers our spin on the current state of the field. 

  1. Watch the attic panic video
  2. Using this handout (print or doodle on it in paint/preview/ppt/etc.) draw the circuit involved in generating the main character’s (or your own!) fear response. Include pathways for how the signal gets IN, how the brain processes CONTEXT for this signal, and how the brain generates a FEAR OUTPUT.
  3. Watch the NNCI video
  4. Draw the circuit again on the handout

Grab some markers and get ready to draw! Drawing can be done on the handout brain grid or blank paper, rather than transparency sheets recommended in the module.

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