NNCI Challenge

Please find below links to NNCI resources that answer each of the questions from the “NNCI Challenge”
Note: TSIRC = our “This ‘Stuff’ Is Really Cool” series – a collection of 7 minute talks that each highlight one core concept in neuroscience; BPCC = Biological Psychiatry Clinical Commentary – this is a standing column that we’ve been writing for the journal; similarly, each article is designed to be a brief, accessible resource that highlights one core topic in neuroscience and its translational relevance.
1. What is optogenetics? 
No idea? Check out Youngsun Cho’s TSIRC or our Neuroscience in the Media session.
2. What is tDCS and how is it thought to work?
No idea? Check out our Neuroscience in the Media session or stay tuned for Noah Philip’s TSIRC, presented at the 2017 SOBP Annual Meeting.
3. What is a DREADD? 
No idea? Check out Jenny Dwyer’s TSIRC.
4. What is the function of the habenula? 
No idea? Check out Al Kaye’s TSIRC or read his BPCC.
5. What is unique about the NMDA receptor and what role does this allow it to play? 
No idea? Check out Alejandro Ramirez’s BPCC.
6. What is CRISPR? 
No idea? Check out Daniel Moreno de Luca’s TSIRC.
7. What is the main neurobiological finding thought relevant to Fragile X Syndrome? 
No idea? Check out Ruth McCann’s BPCC.
8. What role can early trauma/neglect play in the development of the HPA axis? What is the specific mechanism through which this is thought to occur (as studied by Michael Meaney’s group)? 
No idea? Check out Jenny Dwyer’s Khan Academy style video or read her BPCC.
9. What is Gamma band synchrony and in what way is it relevant to psychopathology? 
No idea? Check out our Neuroscience Lab session.
10. What changes occur following damage to peripheral tissue that can contribute to the development of chronic pain?
No idea? Check out Erica Baller’s TSIRC from 2017 or read her BPCC.
11. Many successful treatments for depression seem to trigger a similar cascade of events in the hippocampus. What common changes are observed?
No idea? Check out Jenny Dwyer’s TSIRC from 2017.
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