Introducing the NeuroΨence Network

A mobile app offering additional accessibility for neuroscience learning

The Center for Social Innovation (C4) and the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative (NNCI) are developing and testing a mobile application that promotes self-directed learning for mental health professionals to initiate, customize, and complete innovative courses of self-study in clinical neuroscience. This tool, NeuroΨence Network, is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Content for the mobile application will include animated videos, written material, and case studies.

A pilot study is being conducted with 40 psychiatrists to assess feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary effectiveness of the product for a fully powered Phase II clinical trial. This flyer provides you with information for you to determine if you would like to participate.

Receive a Gift Card on Us

For each survey you complete (a pre and post survey), you will receive a $25 gift card (up to $50); if you participate in the interview, you will receive an additional $50 (up to $100 if you complete all).

How can I enroll?

Enroll directly at: https://is.gd/NeuroscienceNetworkPreSurvey  
or https://redcap.vanderbilt.edu/surveys/?s=HRFTHCJHLW
Contact Kathleen Ferreira, PI at (352) 212-2616 (mention “NNCI Neuroscience Network”) or
email NeuroscienceNetwork@center4si.com for any questions or to learn more about the study.

Who is eligible?

An eligible psychiatrist is:

  • Clinically active and seeing patients
  • Not actively involved in neuroscience research
  • Not already an NNCI registered user and has not previously attended the BRAIN Conference or other live training programs (such as the course offered at the annual APA meeting)
  • A previous user of mobile apps to access information or educational material
  • Has a mobile device with Internet access to use the NeuroΨence Network prototype
  • English speaking
  • Willing and able to complete data collection activities

What should I expect? 

Participants will be asked to:

  • Use the app for four weeks, completing all educational activities available of the prototype app
  • Complete both a pre and post intervention online survey intended to assess knowledge, skills, and attitudes; each survey will take approximately 30 – 40 minutes
  • You may be invited to participate in a semi-structured interview (at a time convenient for you) to provide additional information on your overall impressions of the prototype app, facilitators and barriers to using the app, and your perspectives on demand for a neuroscience education app.

If you take part, it is:

  • Confidential. Your participation and information you share will be kept confidential. All data will be deidentified after collection, and no identifiers will be included with the results. 
  • Voluntary. You do not have to take part in the study if you do not want to. If you do take part, you can stop at any time.
  • Low risk. The risk to taking part is that you might feel uncomfortable with some of the questions. If you don’t want to answer a question, you do not have to.
  • Very helpful! If you take part, you will provide us with important information in our ongoing efforts to develop resources intended to educate mental health providers about neuroscience advances in psychiatry.
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