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Welcome to Session 3 of NPiP!

While the diagnostic category of PTSD is new (created with the DSM-III in 1980), accounts of similar symptoms stretch back through history – from Vietnam to the Great Fire of London in the 1600’s to Homer’s descriptions of the Trojan War.

PTSD is distinct from other major psychiatric illnesses by virtue of (often) having a discrete precipitating event. This has made it especially amenable to research. Robust animal models have led to relatively well understood neurobiology – including rich data on pathogenesis, relevant circuits, and on new approaches to treatment, including in conjunction with highly effective evidence-based psychotherapies.

Dig into the materials below for some of the most exciting and cutting-edge translational neuroscience!

Section 1Introduction
Section 2On Your Own
Section 3Optional Multi-Media
Section 4With Your Pod
Section 5End of Day Assessment