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Episode Notes & Resources:

Dave & Rob, 22 years later.

These are the actual course packets I mention (note: I was actually taking two courses at the same time; one with Rob Dorit and one with Jon Marks. The Human – Chimp – Gorilla debate was happening in the course with Jon Marks. And yes. I am the kind of person who still has course packets from 20+ years ago in my basement.)

The articles we were discussing (note: be sure to check out the spicy letter from Jon Marks, the professor leading the course!)

Actual hand drawn symptom charts from Kraepelin. To learn more about BSNIP, check out a cool BP clinical commentary by JP De Aquino Lima or a TSIRC by Youngsun Cho or check them out directly at:

To learn more about RDoC, check out Tom Insel’s blog post from around the time of its launch.