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Contributing Author: Daniel S. Barron, PhD and Stephanie Yarnell, M.D., Ph.D.

Overview: You’ve heard the words “Default Mode Network” and know it has something to do with the brain, but what exactly is it? Why is the default mode network important and what’s the clinical relevance? This review provides a conceptual introduction to the default mode network (DMN) through a brief vignette.

Author Affiliations: Dr. Barron is currently a medical student at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Yarnell is from the Department of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. David A. Ross, MD, PhD is the contributing editor for this publication. The National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative is a collaborative effort with AADPRT and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Council on Medical Education and Lifelong Learning and receives support from the NIH (R25 MH10107602S1) ©National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative.

Section 1Overview
Section 2The Wandering Mind
Section 3Box 1: Mapping Brain Function with Structure
Section 4Box 2: Discovering the DMN
Section 5Figure 1: Original DMN diagram
Section 6Figure 2: Diagram of the DMN’s Main Hubs and Subsystems
Section 7References
Section 8Additional Sources