25 Feb 2021

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Selected Formative Assessment Question:
Why have anti-amyloid treatments failed to prove beneficial in Alzheimer’s disease? What are future directions for the development of disease modifying treatments for Alzheimer’s disease?

Check out one of the following resources that are excerpted from the Neuroscience Perspectives in Psychiatry course and then share any thoughts, questions, or reactions in a comment below.

  1. Amyloid: From Starch to Finish – A historical journey through our attempts to understand amyloid and its relationship to clinical dementia.
  2. Neurobiology of Alzheimer’s Disease – The pathological hallmarks of AD have been known for over a century, but our ability to translate the knowledge of plaques and tangles into meaningful treatments has made little progress. This video explores why we’ve struggled and where we can go from here.
  3. Multi-sensory gamma stimulation ameliorates Alzheimer’s associated pathology and improves cognition – Spend max 10 minutes (reading for gestalt) on this challenging scientific article from Cell. Normally part of a Neuroscience in the Media sessions, where learners first review and critique a media piece (in this case the Radiolab podcast “Bringing Gamma Back, Again”) before turning to the science underlying the media portrayal.

Want to see more of Session 8?
Check out the full syllabus here
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