25 Feb 2021

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Selected Formative Assessment Question:
Describe the neurotrophic model of depression.

Check out one of the following resources that are excerpted from the Neuroscience Perspectives in Psychiatry course and then share any thoughts, questions, or reactions in a comment below.

  1. Reshaping the Depressed Brain: A Focus on Synaptic Health – This piece brings together our understanding of how different treatments of depression may share a common mechanism of action. If you’re looking for a single, accessible source with a contemporary biological perspective on depression, this is it
  2. The Habenula: Darkness, Disappointment, and Depression – If you’ve ever wondered “What the hell is the habenula?!?!” (and let’s be honest – who hasn’t had that thought?), this piece is for you. Read this to discover what Karl Deisseroth and other cutting-edge researchers are so excited about.
  3. Sad Synapses – A classic talk bringing to life the neurotrophic model of depression. Seriously – you need to understand this – it’s at the heart of everything.
  4. Simple Logic – Expanding on the themes from “Sad Synapses,” a beautiful elaboration of how this ought to look in clinical practice.

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