25 Feb 2021

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Selected Formative Assessment Question:
Describe current evidence-based treatments related to the biology of fear conditioning. What other theoretical approaches for treating PTSD might be developed based on these models?

Check out one of the following resources that are excerpted from the Neuroscience Perspectives in Psychiatry course and then share any thoughts, questions, or reactions in a comment below.

  1. An Integrated Neuroscience Perspective on Formulation and Treatment Planning for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: An Educational Review. This is a JAMA Educational Review summarizing contemporary models of PTSD. If you’re looking for a single educational resource, this is what we’d recommend.
  2. Current Reality – one of our favorite talks describing a cutting-edge, neuromodulatory approach to treating PTSD.
  3. Clinical Neuroscience Conversations, PTSD – This is a 10’ video that describes the core circuitry involved in fear conditioning and implications for treatment.

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