Selected Formative Assessment Question:
Describe the neurotrophic model of depression.

Check out one of the following resources that are excerpted from the Neuroscience Perspectives in Psychiatry course.

  1. Reshaping the Depressed Brain: A Focus on Synaptic Health – This piece brings together our understanding of how different treatments of depression may share a common mechanism of action. If you’re looking for a single, accessible source with a contemporary biological perspective on depression, this is it
  2. The Habenula: Darkness, Disappointment, and Depression – If you’ve ever wondered “What the hell is the habenula?!?!” (and let’s be honest – who hasn’t had that thought?), this piece is for you. Read this to discover what Karl Deisseroth and other cutting-edge researchers are so excited about.
  3. Sad Synapses – A classic talk bringing to life the neurotrophic model of depression. Seriously – you need to understand this – it’s at the heart of everything.
  4. Simple Logic – Expanding on the themes from “Sad Synapses,” a beautiful elaboration of how this ought to look in clinical practice.

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